Keyboard instrument studies

In Valmiera’s music school piano classes have been taught more than 93 years, and we are proud to have masterful teachers that have been awarded nationally (Jānis Ķepītis, Vilma Cīrule, Maija Saiva, Jautrīte Putniņa, Arturs Maskats, Arvīds Bomiks and many others). We have a lot of students that are learning to play piano (at the moment 70 students)

We have a piano learning class that is eight years long, but many of the students do not stop playing piano also after the graduation- there are students that continue to study music in high schools are playing in concerts, learning other musical instruments or singing.

Learning in piano class has variety- while studying the students are offered to play at concerts, festivals like Winter music festival, Latvian music days, garden concerts, and Jazz club Parks. Students have also played in concerts and continued learning internationally in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czech republic, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. The most important festival that the music school holds is the International young pianist competition that as of now has happened for the 19th time.